What Foundation is Best for My Hot Tub?

Outdoor hot tub installation on a concrete slab.

Hot tubs are very fun to own, making them a great way to get friends to come over for a backyard get-together. Hot tubs offer various therapeutic benefits and can aid in reducing muscle fatigue and tension. To make the most of your hot tub experience long-term, we advise a professional and sound installation. The biggest thing to think about before purchasing a hot tub is the location it will be installed. Hot tubs are very heavy without water, but filled with water, they can become quite the burden. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure you have the proper foundation for your hot tub, otherwise your investment could be damaged.

Why a Grass Foundation is Bad

Many people who want to invest in a hot tub for the first time may think that hot tubs can be placed anywhere in their backyard. The fact of the matter is, placing a hot tub in the wrong location could cause irreparable damage. People often want to place their hot tub on top of grass, but grass can’t support the weight of a hot tub. Once a hot tub sinks into the grass and soil, fragile components can be damaged, risking the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Fortunately, there are better alternatives than using as grass a foundation.

Crushed Gravel Foundation

You can typically obtain crushed gravel from outdoor supply stores, which makes it a readily available option for a foundation solution. As a foundation, crushed gravel can support the weight of a hot tub easily, however, you may need to make adjustments to your hot tub’s position. The tradeoff for crushed gravel being a cheap hot tub foundation solution is that you will occasionally need to spend the time making adjustments to the amount of gravel used as the foundation. Unlike other solutions, crushed gravel foundations aren’t necessarily permanent as the gravel will wash away as time goes on.

For this type of foundation, we recommend having a hot tub expert inspect the area to ensure that the installation is both safe and successful.

Wooden Deck as a Foundation

Wooden decks are a common feature of many houses, which makes them a great option for a hot tub foundation. However, before using a wooden deck as a hot tub foundation, it will be necessary to have an inspection performed. Wooden decks tend to deteriorate over the course of their use, and having a professional come out to inspect your wooden deck will ensure it is strong enough to support the full weight of a hot tub, which can be well over 3,000 pounds.

Prefabricated Pad

Prefabricated pads are the preferred option for people who want to install an indoor hot tub. Prefabricated pads are desirable as an indoor hot tub foundation because they are easily movable and relatively cheap. In fact, you may be able to make your own if you’re handy enough!

Concrete Slab

Simple and effective, installing your hot tub on a concrete slab is practically guaranteed to offer a safe solution for many years to come. Choose an area near a water and electrical source and have the concrete poured to prepare the area for your hot tub. The contractor who pours the concrete will be able to ensure that it is completely level.

More Foundation Information in Anaheim, CA

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