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    Save UP TO $1,000 Off Swim Spas AND $500 Off Hot Tubs


    Splash Into Summer Savings Event


    Save UP TO $1,000 Off Swim Spas AND $500 Off Hot Tubs

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    We know excellence when we see it.

    Sundance Spas in Anaheim
    sundance spas in Anaheim

    Our customers only deserve the best. At Backyards In Style of Anaheim, we’re committed to supplying only the finest products available to the industry. Sundance® Spas have a strong reputation around the world for quality and innovation. The design and manufacturing process utilized some of the most advanced technology and high-grade materials. Each model is built for sustainability, durability, and of course, excellence.

    Features like high-powered hydrotherapy jets are designed to target the most stress-prone areas on the human body, from the feet and lower back, to shoulders and upper back. These hot tubs are fully-equipped with modern purification systems that keep the water sparkling and safe. Not to mention the user-friendly control panels that allow users to customize their spa experience.

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    Nordic Hot Tubs in Anaheim
    Nordic hot tubs in Anaheim

    With over 25 models to choose from and over 20 years of experience, it’s no wonder why the Nordic Hot Tubs™ brand is taking the spa industry by storm. Each hot tub is finely crafted with some of the most durable parts available to the market and included within a design built for longevity, so you can enjoy your hot tub experience for many years to come. Reliability and durability come with no compromise on style or aesthetic with these sleek and advanced hot tubs. You can find the perfect hot tub for your home and backyard easily, with many beautiful styles to choose from. To learn more about the technology, prices and models, speak with our experts today. Before you know it, you’ll have the Nordic Hot Tubs™ spa of your dreams installed into your very own home. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor hot tub that you seek, our team of backyard specialists are here to help.

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    Clearwater Spas in Anaheim
    Clearwater Spas in Anaheim

    Since 1976, Clearwater Spas have brought style and luxury to the backyard leisure industry. As one of the largest manufacturers of premium spas in the Northwest, this brand proudly offers three series and 12+ models for you to shop from. Each hot tub is equipped with standard luxury features, ranging from hydrotherapy jets and intelligent controls, to LED mood lighting, premium cabinetry and so much more.

    At Backyards in Style, we take pride in offering our customers products that undoubtedly lead the industry in technology and innovation. To elevate your backyard space, visit our showroom and learn more about our Clearwater Spas for sale in Anaheim today.

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    SwimLife Swim Spas in Anaheim

    SwimLife Swim Spas

    Welcome to the future of the spa industry. Have you ever wished that you could combine a swimming pool and hot tub into one comprehensive package? With a swim spa from SwimLife Swim Spas, your dream can become a reality. These state-of-the-art systems allow you to take a new approach to relaxation, recreation and exercise with the simple installation of an indoor or outdoor spa. What makes the spas from SwimLife Swim Spas so great, is the many options that are available to you. From a variety of sizes and styles, to a range of jets and other features that can be found installed directly into the spa, you can find the perfect unit for your lifestyle. And what’s more, the advanced design, filtration and water care systems make them easier to own and care for than ever before.

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    BBQs & Grills in Anaheim

    BBQs & Grills

    Take your cooking and dining experience to the next level of luxury with your very own BBQ. Here at Backyards in Style, we carry a wide range of BBQs and grills from leading brands such as Delta Heat and Del Sole. No matter the occasion, season or time of the day, your BBQ can help to create the perfect opportunity for an advanced dining experience. Owning and using a BBQ on a regular basis can improve your lifestyle in a variety of ways. To learn more about our selection of BBQs for sale in Anaheim, contact or visit us today.



    Explore how you can complete your backyard paradise with the installation of a hot tub.

    Covered Sundance With Stone Anaheim
    Gazebo Sundance Anaheim
    Beach Deck Sundance Anaheim
    Cottage Waterfront Sundance Anaheim
    Sundance Spa 980 Kingston in Anaheim
    Hottub Covered Sundance Anaheim


    Our hot tubs come standard with some of the finest materials and features in the industry.
    Explore some of the reasons why you might want to invest in a spa.

    hydrotherapy in Anaheim


    Hot tubs promote healing through a combination of heat, massage, and buoyancy. Learn more about hydrotherapy and other water-based spa therapies.

    a place to relax in Anaheim


    Create an outdoor oasis that truly caters to your deepest desires. Contact us to learn about how you can utilize the potential of your backyard with a spa system.

    Relax in Anaheim
    SUPERIOR  Features in Anaheim

    Quality Features

    Industry-leading features like powerful jets, ergonomic seating, and water purification systems can take your hot tub experience to the next level of luxury.




    Welcome to Backyards In Style. We are proud to provide our customers with top-quality hot tubs, swim spas, BBQs, and other backyard leisure essentials in Anaheim and throughout California. Our team of experts understand the importance of a high-quality spa system and boosting your backyard leisure. We’re committed to helping our customers enjoy a truly invigorating and healing underwater experience with a hot tub from industry-leading brands such as Sundance® Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs™, Clearwater Spas, SwimLife™ Swim Spas, and Catalina Swim Spas. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that you find a product that will effectively meet your personal preferences and requirements.

    With our help, you can create the ultimate backyard retreat. You can utilize this environment to promote your best health, enjoyment, and entertainment. Along with your spa system, you can include a variety of accessories and even enhance the landscape to match your style. Our specialists would be more that happy to help you create a plan that incorporates a spa in the best way possible.


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