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Encore™ MS

Encore MS Hot Tub in Springfield, MO

Seating Capacity: 6
Jets: 32   View Jets
Spa Volume: 330 gal. (1249 L)
Dimensions: 84 in. x 84 in. x 35 in. (215 cm x 213 cm x 89 cm)


The Modern Series model brings hydrotherapy to the next level with our largest XL pump.

With seating for six, including a seat to sit back and soak it all in, Nordic Hot Tubs™ relax tense areas of the body with powerful, invigorating hydrotherapy. In addition to jets that target specific parts of the body, Nordic's dual-therapy system (DTS™) offers gentler, whirlpool therapy for your whole body. Barrier-free seating combined with high-flow turbo jets creates an encompassing massage for your full body massage experience.

Nordic's DTS™ whole-body therapy releases lactic acid from all areas of the body, allowing oxygen to flow freely. Nordic's dual-therapy system offers a significant advantage over other spas that offer only targeted hydrotherapy. If you are shopping for a spa be sure you are getting the "whole" story.

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