Are Hot Tubs Energy Efficient?

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Many people around the world are concerned about energy consumptions, as they should be.

Wasting too much energy is not only expensive, but it is also unsustainable and less environmentally conscious. It’s extremely beneficial for the health and well-being of our planet that we do everything in our power to make the most environmentally-conscious and “green” decisions.

What is Hydrotherapy?

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Thinking of making a backyard improvement?

You’re not alone. Homeowners seem to be constantly looking for various ways to improve the functionality and value of their home. If these improvements can also improve your quality of life, then it’s seamlessly a win-win! One home improvement idea that you may have come across would be to install a hot tub. Not only does it provide you with an opportunity to revamp your backyard with an installation (and maybe a new deck or patio), but it also provides you and your family with the chance to relax, enjoy each others company, and even explore the various health benefits!

Using a Hot Tub in the Summer

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The sun is shining and the temperature is rising, you know what that means! Summer is finally here!

For many of us out there, summer time means splashing in the cool and refreshing water. If you’re lucky enough to own a hot tub, or if you are considering purchasing one, you will be delighted to know that hot tubs work just as well during summer as they do in colder temperatures. It’s all about your personal preferences and how you use your spa! Keep reading to learn about some of the best ways to use your Sundance® Spas hot tub this summer!

Top 4 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

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Can you picture a better way to spend your night, than soaking your troubles away?

Believe it or not, spending time relaxing in a hot tub can have many positive benefits. These benefits can have an impact on your current state of health, as well as your health for many years down the road. Keep reading to find out how relaxing in the heat of the lavish jet-infused water can have an impact on your health!

Top 5 Hot Tub Exercises

Top 5 Hot Tub Exercises

It doesn’t take long before you begin to experience the many benefits of owning a hot tub. One benefit that may stand out to you, is how simple and comfortable it can be to exercise inside of a Sundance® Spa. The pressure of the jets combined with the temperature and buoyancy of the water can truly create an ideal environment for some low-intensity exercises. Not only can exercise help improve weight maintenance techniques, but it can also help to strengthen your muscles and reduce risk of injury. It’s always recommended that you speak with a physician before starting any kind of exercise regimen. Keep reading to learn more about the top five hot tub exercises!

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